Who The Heck is Andy?




Who the Heck is Andy?

And why are we seeing his backside plastered all over the place?

You’ve come to the place where you too can join in the fun!

Here you can order all of the official Andy products.  From Andy T-shirts and sweats, to mugs and magnets.  You can even get Andy thongs!  Just visit our Cafe Press site for a full line up of fun Andy products.


But who the heck is he?

Andy could be anybody.

He could be your Uncle..

your doctor..

your pizza delivery man..

and yes, your plumber. 

But, he’s not!




Andy is not just a guy bending over. He may sport the traditional plumber's butt. And yes, he may have a pronounced butt crack. But he is so much more! Andy is the REAL American Idol!

Andy: Wear him, love him, flaunt him!


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